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China #1 Beach Flag Poles & Banner Stands Factory

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Amazing sharkfin wing Banners

Sharkfin flag is an ideal solution for outdoor & indoor,such as shopping mall,CBD,racing,sports,trade fairs etc. It can be palced on lawn,beach,ski Field,sand,concrete,any soft and hard ground.

Print your logo in our huge flag,which must be the most attractive and impressive in the crowd!

The flagpole is of carbon composite material,more tough,strong and light comparing with fiberglass and aluminum.  100% flexible and portable!

We supply various metal and palstic bases,such as crossed, spikes, square, water tank/bag to match flagpole very well.



Address:    No.1 Nan Liu Road,Chengyang Dist, Qingdao City, China. 266009
Tel:   0086 139 6981 4400
Email: info@a1flag.com
Web: www.a1flag.com